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movies 36
audio 23
Westboro Baptist Church 33
Fred Phelps 24
Shirley Phelps-Roper 15
WBC 11
Obama 10
Phelps 10
Westboro 9
Westboro Baptist 8
politics 8
westboro baptist church 8
Antichrist 7
Barack Obama 7
God Hates Fags 7
news 7
gay 6
protest 6
Terror 5
Beast 4
McGinty podcast 4
body snatchers 4
first amendment 4
philosophy 4
sex 4
Apocalypse 3
Christian 3
Christianity 3
Christmas 3
David Hume 3
Enlightenment 3
Europe 3
Gay 3
George Stephanopolous 3
Human Rights 3
Indiana 3
Iraq 3
Jesus 3
John Locke 3
Mike Pence 3
Plato 3
President 3
Satan 3
Socrates 3
Soldier Funeral 3
Supreme Court 3
censorship 3
free speech 3
hate speech 3
net neutrality 3
political philosophy 3
religion 3
right to be forgotten 3
school prayer 3
supreme court cases 3
the right to be forgotten 3
A new era of positive living in the life of Mike McGinty 2
Amber Leigh 2
Amby 2
Are you a penis girl or a testicle girl? 2
Bare breasted march in several cities throughout the world 2
Bill Burr said nothing wrong 2
Bill Burr's Caitlin Jenner commentary 2
Bill burr bit. 2
Britt McHenry 2
Casey Anthony 2
Civil Rights 2
Cody 2
Coleman 2
Culture 2
David Bruce 2
Defining transgender people 2
Discussing Bill Burr on Conan 2
Elisabeth Hasselbeck says black lives matter movement should be deemed a hate group 2
Engine revvers and gear heads 2
Facebook assholes 2
Field Production 2
Foo fighters and the Westboro baptist church 2
Fraternity holds up signs deemed offensive 2
Fred Waldron Phelps 2
Fu fighters rick roll the Westboro baptist church 2
Fun With Faith 2
Funeral home puts out wrong body for wake 2
Funny or Die Video Archive 2
Gay Pride 2
Girl that convinces her friend to commit suicide 2
Go get your balls 2
God 2
Grifters in times square 2
Hell 2
Hilly 2
Homosexuality 2
Huffington posts article annoys me 2
I cry over TV shows and movies I should say 2
I don't comprehend this story well 2
I don't have the answer 2
I don't like the word inappropriate 2
I don't like those terms 2
I don't understand people that get offended by words 2
I feel free when I'm doing this 2
I have a tickle in my throat 2
I have themes 2
I just received a dirty look 2
I may cry too 2
I may have misspoken 2
I should be a headline writer 2
I sound and act like Pee wee Herman sometimes 2
I sound like Pee Wee Herman again 2
I support legalizing sex work 2
I support the transgender folks 2
I think I may need to have Johnny back on the show 2
I took the shock jock route for this video 2
I want to play this game 2
I was a fuck up when I was younger 2
I was pleasantly surprised with last show 2
I was replying to texts during the break song and forgot about the show 2
I watched the X factor USA 2
I woke up my wife 2
I woke up my wife again 2
I working this out while I do the show 2
I'm a big pussy 2
I'm a sentimental fuck 2
I'm an asshole that fucks up my words 2
I'm down with the gays 2
I'm feeling the positive vibes 2
I'm frustrated 2
I'm going to end the show a little early because I'm a good guy 2
I'm in the show zone so I couldn't take that seriously 2
I'm just going to make noises for the rest of the show 2
I'm just saying whatever pops into my head 2
I'm not 2
I'm quietly screaming 2
I'm so fucking stupid that I didn't delete that story 2
I'm sorry if I'm being judgmental to the brum brum guys 2
I'm tired 2
I've been naming the stores in weird ways 2
I've got all of your backs 2
If I had watched that show in reality I may have cried too 2
In this moment 2
Intent does matter 2
Intolerance 2
Iron Maiden lead singer claims he got tongue cancer from oral sex 2
Is there such a thing as a testicle fetish? 2
Is this a decent into madness 2
It shouldn't matter how men react to the women 2
Jackson County 2
Kayne West 2
Let me rephrase 2
Man licks the head of 9 year old 2
Margaret Cho says she would kill her rapist 2
Matt 2
Maybe I'll do a segment on goat sex next show 2
Michael Douglas made the same claims about throat cancer 2
More Ashley Madison stories 2
My prediction on the next wave in music 2
My stepson and his girlfriend make an appearance and discuss a few stories 2
My take on the issues with police and the black community 2
Nameloc 2
Narrating my wife's trip to the bathroom 2
Nicki Minaj beef with Miley Cyrus 2
Nikki 2
Not into the bestiality thing 2
Oregon 2
Pataki boobs 2
Pataki is a republican 2
Patriot Guard 2
Picket 2
Police officer lies in Millis Ma 2
Politicians trying to shutdown female toplessness in NYC 2
Protest 2
Public Access 2
Raelian religion 2
Religion 2
Revelation that people use their cell phone because they're bored 2
Rogue Valley Community Television 2
S.A.D. 2
Saying it's all good like it's 1997 2
She's not happy with me 2
Shirley Phelps Roper 2
Signs 2
Simon Cowell cries 2
So fucking what 2
Songs I made up for my son to brush his teeth 2
Spirituality 2
State Of Jefferson 2
Stephen Lynch 2
Superfly Jimmy Snuka charged with murder 2
Take a journey to youtube with me and we'll find a break song 2
Talking about the pregnant meteorologist 2
Tetris like slave game 2
The Jared foundation 2
The Russian talks about this story 2
The make-up was sloppily applied to body 2
The media has been dictating the narrative 2
The united states is a madhouse 2
This is my reality show 2
Topeka 2